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Asset Variables

These environment variables control how Asset push/pull works. 

Variable Type Description 
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_ASSETS boolean Asset feature is enabled. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_STORE_CSS boolean If enabled, Push mode is used to upload CSS assets to cloud storage. Disable for Pull mode. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_STORE_JS boolean If enabled, Push mode is used to upload javascript assets to cloud storage. Disable for Pull mode. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_PROCESS_LIVE boolean Assets will be uploaded to cloud storage as pages are browsed on the live site, but only if they don’t already exist on cloud storage or their version number has changed. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_CACHE_CONTROL string Sets the Cache-Control metadata for uploaded assets. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_EXPIRES number Sets the Expire metadata for uploaded assets. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_CDN_BASE url The base URL for the CDN. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_USE_BUILD_VERSION boolean Assets that have been enqueued in WordPress without a specified version will normally be skipped when pushing/pulling assets. When this option is enabled, this tool will use a custom build number for the version. 
MCLOUD_ASSETS_LOG_WARNINGS boolean When enabled and Media Cloud Debugging is enabled, this will log warnings about files that couldn’t be uploaded to the error log.