Dynamic Images Environment Variables

These environment variables control the Dynamic Images functionality. 

Variable Type Description 
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_GLIDE boolean Dynamic Images is enabled. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_IMAGE_PATH string The base path for the generated image URLs. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_SIGNING_KEY string The signing key used to create secure URLs. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_CACHE_REMOTE boolean This option will cache any master images that are fetched from remote storage. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_CDN url Base URL for the CDN. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_CACHE_TTL number The number of minutes to cache the rendered image in the user’s browser. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_DEFAULT_QUALITY number The image quality for JPEG compression. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_MAX_SIZE number The max width or height for a generated image. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_CONVERT_PNG boolean Convert all PNG to JPEGs. 
MCLOUD_GLIDE_GENERATE_THUMBNAILS boolean Allow WordPress to generate thumbnails, ignored if Direct Upload enabled.