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imgix Variables

These environment variables control imgix functionality. 

Variable Type Description 
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_IMGIX boolean Imgix is enabled. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_DOMAINS url List of imgix domains to use. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_SIGNING_KEY string The signing key for securing imgix URLs. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_DEFAULT_QUALITY number Default quality for lossy images. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_AUTO_FORMAT boolean Allow imgix to choose the most appropriate image format. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_AUTO_COMPRESS boolean Allow imgix to automatically compress your images. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_ENABLE_ALT_FORMATS boolean Enable alternative formats usch as PSD, TIFF and Illustrator. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_GENERATE_THUMBNAILS boolean Allow WordPress to generate thumbnails, ignored if Direct Upload enabled. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_DETECT_FACES boolean Use imgix face detection on uploads. Ignored if Vision detect faces is enabled. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_RENDER_PDF_FILES boolean Render the first page of a PDF file as an image. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_ENABLE_GIFS boolean Enable animated GIF support, required imgix premium account. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_SKIP_GIFS boolean If enabled, GIFs will be served from cloud storage. 
MCLOUD_IMGIX_NO_GIF_SIZES boolean List of image sizes that disallow animated GIFs.