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Multisite Variables

These environment variables are specific to Multisite. 

Variable Type Description 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_MODE boolean When enabled, Media Cloud settings apply to all sites in the network. When disabled, each site has its own settings. 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_HIDE_BATCH boolean When enabled, batch processing tools are hidden from individual sites. 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_BROWSER_ALLOW_DELETING boolean When enabled, the storage browser allows deleting files from cloud storage. 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_BROWSER_ALLOW_UPLOADS boolean When enabled, the storage browser allows uploads. 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_BROWSER_HIDE boolean When enabled, the storage browser is hidden from individual sites in the network. 
MCLOUD_NETWORK_BROWSER_LOCK_TO_ROOT boolean When enabled, the storage browser is locked to the root directory of the site in the network.