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Release Notes


  • Updated Freemius SDK to latest
  • Added mcloud-cloud/storage/should-handle-image-upload filter to override image uploading logic when performing uploads with certain other plugins.
  • Fix for open_basedir restriction error messages.
  • Fix for integrated help documentation.
  • Added option to turn off brute force image URL replacement for image tags missing the wp-image-{NUMBER} css class. If you are seeing a lot of database calls on a page with a lot of images, try adding this snippet to your theme's functions.php to insure that Media Cloud has enough "metadata" to do it's job:
  • Launched new support and helpdesk site,
  • Added two new people to our support staff, welcome to Quynh and welcome back to Charles!
  • Use BLACKFRIDAY2020 for 33% off annual licenses, good until December 2nd.