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Release Notes


  • You can specify different privacy levels to different image sizes defined in your theme using the Image Size Manager. This is useful if you are selling stock photos and want to make high-res variations private until sale.
  • Added a new setting for Imgix, Serve Private Images. When enabled, private images, or image sizes that have had their privacy level set to private, will be rendered through imgix. When disabled, any private images or private image sizes will be served from cloud storage using signed URLs, if that's enabled.
  • If you change the privacy for an image size, make sure to run the Update Image Privacy task that can be found in the Task Manager.
  • Fix for direct uploads when the upload doesn't have a mime type, for example .R3D files. You may need to add these mime types to WordPress to allow uploads though.
  • Fix for direct uploads with DigitalOcean
  • Added media-cloud/storage/sign-url filter to disable pre-signing image URLs in the WordPress admin. This is very edge case, so you should only use this if support directs you to, or you know what you are doing.