These variables control how direct uploads work.


MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_MEDIA_UPLOADbooleanDirect Upload is enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_INTEGRATIONbooleanIntegrated with the WordPress media library so that all uploads done through the library are direct uploads.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_IMAGESbooleanEnables direct uploads for image files.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_VIDEOSbooleanEnables direct uploads for video files. Important! WordPress will be unable to extract metadata about the video such as length and audio attributes without the FFProbe option enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_AUDIObooleanEnables direct uploads for audio files.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_DOCUMENTSbooleanEnables direct uploads for non-image files such as Word documents, PDF files, zip files, etc.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_SIMULTANEOUS_UPLOADSnumberThe maximum number of simultaneous direct uploads.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZEnumberThe maximum upload size allowed for direct uploads in MB. Set to 0 to use whatever PHP is set to.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_DETECT_FACESbooleanUses browser based javascript machine learning to detect faces in the image. If Vision is enabled, this setting is ignored in favor of Vision’s results.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_USE_FFPROBEbooleanWhen enabled, uses FFProbe to extract video metadata such as length, size, codecs, etc. You must have fffprobe installed on your server and have the PHP function shell_exec enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_FFPROBE_PATHpathThe path, on the webserver, to the ffprobe binary, eg. /usr/bin/ffprobe.