Imports media from cloud storage into your WordPress media library. Premium version only.


wp mediacloud:storage import [--import-path=<string>] [--preserve-paths=preserve|replace|prepend] [--import-only]  [--skip-thumbnails]


import-pathstringyesThe path on your cloud storage bucket to import from, default is /
preserve-pathsstringyesControls the upload path. preserve will preserve the files current path, replace will replace it with the custom prefix defined in cloud storage settings. prepend will prepend the custom prefix with the existing upload directory.
import-onlyswitchyesDon’t download, import to database only.
skip-thumbnailsswitchyesSkips any images that look like they might be thumbnails. If this option is on, you may import images that are thumbnails but they will be treated as individual images. Default is true.