Processes your existing images with Amazon Rekognition or Google Cloud Vision.


wp mediacloud:vision process [--limit=<number>] [--offset=<number>] [--page=<number>] [--order-by=date|title|filename] [--order=asc|desc]


limitnumberyesLimits the number of items to be processed, used with offset or page to process batches.
offsetnumberyesThe starting index to return a range of results, cannot be used with page.
pagenumberyesThe starting index to return a range of results in terms of pages, cannot be used with offset. The page index start at 1. For example, specify a limit of 100 and a page of 2 would return results 100-200.
order-bystringyesThe field to sort the items to be processed. Valid values are date, title and filename.
orderstringyesThe sort order. Valid values are asc and desc.