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Direct Uploads Variables

These variables control how direct uploads work.

Variable Type Description
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_MEDIA_UPLOAD boolean Direct Upload is enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_INTEGRATION boolean Integrated with the WordPress media library so that all uploads done through the library are direct uploads.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_IMAGES boolean Enables direct uploads for image files.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_VIDEOS boolean Enables direct uploads for video files. Important! WordPress will be unable to extract metadata about the video such as length and audio attributes without the FFProbe option enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_AUDIO boolean Enables direct uploads for audio files.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_UPLOAD_DOCUMENTS boolean Enables direct uploads for non-image files such as Word documents, PDF files, zip files, etc.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_SIMULTANEOUS_UPLOADS number The maximum number of simultaneous direct uploads.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE number The maximum upload size allowed for direct uploads in MB. Set to 0 to use whatever PHP is set to.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_DETECT_FACES boolean Uses browser based javascript machine learning to detect faces in the image. If Vision is enabled, this setting is ignored in favor of Vision’s results.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_USE_FFPROBE boolean When enabled, uses FFProbe to extract video metadata such as length, size, codecs, etc. You must have fffprobe installed on your server and have the PHP function shell_exec enabled.
MCLOUD_DIRECT_UPLOADS_FFPROBE_PATH path The path, on the webserver, to the ffprobe binary, eg. /usr/bin/ffprobe.