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Video Encoding

The Video Encoding feature allows you to add adaptive bitrate video encoding to your website using the services provided by Mux. This feature essentially allows you to turn your website into your own private Vimeo or YouTube.

This feature works by taking the videos you have uploaded, sending them to Mux and then importing the results. Mux will intelligently encode your source videos to a variety of bitrates and sizes, insuring that your video will playback smoothly on a variety of devices and network conditions.

Because of the way this works, your website must be publicly accessible so that Mux can notify Media Cloud of the encoding process. If you are working on a development website that can’t be accessed from the outside, you will have to make it available via or similar when testing out video encoding.

Media Cloud provides a multiple ways to playback these videos on your site. You can use the native HTML5 <video> element or you can use the included Video JS player. You can also use your own player or another 3rd party player as long as that player supports HLS video.

Media Cloud supports signing video URLs to secure them. Signed video URLs are only playable for an amount of time specified by you.

Finally, you can also watermark your videos with your own logo or other branding.

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