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Encoding Settings

These settings control how Mux will encode your video.

Normalize Audio

This setting will normalize the audio levels of the video to maximum loudness without clipping.

Per-Title Encoding

Because every video is different, it is inefficient to apply the same encoding to every title. Per-title encoding analyzes an individual video to determine the ideal encoding ladder. The result is that different videos are streamed at different resolutions and bitrates, and every video looks better – often by up to 20% to 30%. Most per-title encoding approaches are slow and expensive, requiring dozens or even hundreds of throwaway encodes for every video. Thanks to the power of AI, Mux does this in seconds at no additional charge via the Instant Per Title Encoding feature. The result of Instant Per Title Encoding is better visual quality for each video, lower user bandwidth, less rebuffering, and faster startup times.

Test Mode

Enabling test mode will allow you to evaluate Mux without incurring any cost. There is no limit on number of test assets created. Test assets limitation are:

  1. Watermarked with the Mux logo
  2. Limited to 10 seconds
  3. Deleted after 24 hrs