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imgix Image Settings

Crop Settings

These settings control how cropping with imgix works.  You can prioritize cropping using face detection, interesting region detection or use the default crop mode which is simply cropping to the center of the image.  You can read more about it in the imgix documentation.

Serve Private Images

When enabled images that have had their privacy level set to private will be rendered through imgix. When disabled, any private images or private image sizes will be served from cloud storage using signed URLs, if signed urls are enabled.

Lossy Image Quality

This controls the output quality of lossy file formats such as JPEG, progressive JPEG, WebP and JPEG XR.

Auto Format

When this option is enabled, imgix will determine if an image can be served in a better format using automatic content negotiation. For example, it may serve WebP images to Chrome users when this is enabled.

Auto Compress

imgix will make a best effort to reduce the size of the image. This might include applying more aggressive image compression. For example, PNG images might be served as WebP with an alpha channel to Chrome users, but to everyone else they might be served as PNG8 images, if that conversion can happen without much quality loss.

Enable Alternative Formats

Enabling this option allows you to serve non-standard (non-standard in the WordPress sense) image files through imgix, such as Photoshop documents, TIFF files and Adobe Illustrator files. Note that if you do use this feature and decide not to use imgix in the future, any of these “alternative” images will no longer be viewable on your site. They will only be viewable as long as imgix is enabled.

Keep WordPress Thumbnails

Because imgix is dynamically generating all thumbnails and all of the various image sizes, having WordPress create those thumbnails is pointless. If you are only testing imgix, you may want to keep this option turned on in case you decide not to use imgix. Note that if you are using the Direct Upload feature, no thumbnails will be generated because uploads skip WordPress all together and go straight to cloud storage.

Render PDF/SVG Files

When this is enabled, imgix will render the first page of an uploaded PDF file or an SVG file as a bitmap image.  For PDF images, if you disable imgix in the future, the PDF previews will appear as broken images on your site.

Detect Faces

After each upload, Media Cloud will use imgix’s face detection API to locate all of the faces in your image. This information can then be used with the Focus Crop of the image editor to automatically center cropped images on faces or groups of faces. If you find yourself using this face feature a lot, you may want to consider using Rekognition or Google Cloud Vision which will give better results.

GIF Settings

imgix has amazing support for animated GIFs, including the ability to resize and crop them on the fly. However this functionality requires a premium imgix account.

Enable GIFs

When this is disabled, imgix will convert animated GIFs to static non-animated images. As mentioned above, to have imgix deliver animated GIFs requires a premium imgix account. ### Serve GIFs from Storage

When this option is turned on, all animated GIFs will be served from storage, skipping imgix. This will only display the original size GIF as animated, as WordPress will convert any animated GIF to a static image when it generates its thumbnails and other sizes.

Disallow Animated GIFs for Sizes

When imgix GIF support is enabled, it might be desirable to display the static version of the image at certain image sizes instead of the animated GIF. List those image sizes here.