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Storage Browser

The Storage Browser is a tool that allows you to browse your cloud storage. You can upload, delete files or folders, create folders and import files or folders to your Media Library.


For the most part, everything should be relatively self-explanatory. However, a few things should be highlighted:


Uploads only work if you have Direct Uploads enabled. In fact, when Direct Uploads are disabled you won’t even see the Upload button. Everything you upload through the Storage Browser will be imported into your Media Library, however, just like with normal direct uploads, thumbnails will not be generated. Though you can drag and drop files to perform uploads, you currently cannot drag and drop folders.


Importing images will not import the related thumbnails. In fact, if you import a folder that contains images and their thumbnails, the thumbnails will be imported as separate images.


You should be careful deleting items from cloud storage as Media Cloud will not attempt to match what you are deleting with items in your library. This could possibly lead to situations where items in your media library have no corresponding images on cloud storage, leading to broken images on your site.