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Pre-Signed URL Settings

The following settings are shared across most providers, though not all. Wasabi and Backblaze, in particular, have a more limited feature set compared to the others.

Pre-Signed URLs

Pre-signed URLs will generate secure signed URLs for your uploaded media that expire after a specified amount of time. We don’t generally recommend that you use these for general images that you use on the site, but instead relegate their use to WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads for digital downloads. However, if you were doing an image licensing type site, pre-signed URLs might be a useful deterrent – but be aware that any downstream caching of your site, either via caching plugins or something like CloudFlare, will cache these URLs and this might cause your site to show what appears to be broken images. Backblaze and Wasabi don’t support pre-signed URLs.

Pre-Signed URL Expiration

This is the number of minutes that the signed URL is valid for.

Advanced Pre-Signed URL Settings

In the Pro version of Media Cloud, you have the capability of specifying different sets of pre-signed URL settings for different types of media. For example, you could make it so that images are not signed, but video and audio URLs are signed. This is important for the types of sites that might be offering media for members that they want to secure from being shared.